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YIVO Institute for Jewish Research » Max Weinreich Center » Awards And Fellowships » Recipients of YIVO Faculty and Graduate Student Fellowships 2013-2014

Recipients of YIVO Faculty and Graduate Student Fellowships 2013-2014


Dina Abramowicz Emerging Scholar Fellowship Dr. Karolina Szymaniak Assistant Professor, Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
Colonies of Yiddishland? (Ex)territorial Discourses in Yiddish Literary Criticism and the Politics of Modern Yiddish Culture
American Jewish Studies
(Rose and Isidore Drench Memorial Fellowship & Dora and Mayer Tendler Fellowship)
Marcus Krah Doctoral Candidate, Jewish Theological Seminary
Turning a Lost World Into a Usable Past - How American Jews at Mid-20th Century Re-Invented Their East European History
Baltic Jewish Studies
(Abram and Fannie Gottlieb Immerman and Abraham Nathan and Bertha Daskal Weinstein Memorial Fellowship, Abraham and Rachela Melezin Fellowship & Maria Salit-Gitelson Tell Memorial Fellowship)
Isabelle Rozenbaumas Independent Scholar
Yavne Telz School Was Life
East European Jewish Studies
(Prof. Bernard Choseed Memorial Fellowship & Natalie and Mendel Racolin Memorial Fellowship)
Jason Lustig Doctoral Candidate, UCLA
Making History: The Proliferation and Impact of Modern Archives for Jewish History
East European Literature and Arts
(Vladimir and Pearl Heifetz Memorial Fellowship, Vivian Lefsky Hort Memorial Fellowship & Joseph Kremen Memorial Fellowship)
Sylwia Jakubczyk-Ślęczka Doctoral Candidate, Jagiellonian University, Cracow
The Transformation of the Jewish Musical Tradition in Galicia in the Interwar Period
Polish Jewish Studies
(Aleksander and Alicja Hertz Memorial Fellowship & Samuel and Flora Weiss Research Fellowship)
Sarah Zarrow Doctoral Candidate, NYU
The Social Role of Ethnography for Jews in Interwar Poland
Workmen's Circle/Dr. Emanuel Patt Visiting Professorship Prof. Eugene Avrutin Associate Professor, University of Illinois
The Velizh Affair: Ritual Murder in a Russian Border Town
*Honorary - American Jewish Studies Liati May-Hai Doctoral Candidate, Jewish Theological Seminary
The Life and Poetry of Berish Weinstein
*Honorary - East European Jewish Studies Mihály Kálmán Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University
Shtetl Heroes: Jewish Self-Defense from the Pale to Palestine, 1871-1936
*Honorary - East European Jewish Studies Adi Mahalel Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University
The Birth of a Jewish Radical: I.L. Peretz in the 1890s