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August 3, 2006

Dear Friends,

When Miriam Weiner met with me to discuss establishing a Genealogy Collection of books, maps, photographs, postcards and other related printed matter at YIVO from her extensive personal library and archives, it was difficult to anticipate the breadth and scope of what she possessed.

Many of the books and other materials are Holocaust related, including a number of Yizkor Books and Memory Books from Ukraine listing names (and other personal data) of those murdered during the Holocaust.  Many of her books are guides to archives in Poland, Ukraine and Moldova.  Also included is a vast collection of travel brochures and travel books from many large and small towns in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and Lithuania.

he Collection also includes videocassettes about towns in Eastern Europe, Sephardic-related books and brochures and a wealth of other books that make this a unique research collection.

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research was delighted to establish The Miriam Weiner Genealogy Collection, which we consider a major contribution to the understanding of genealogy and family history worldwide.  From time to time, Miriam will add more books to this collection and we welcome the continuing arrival of new additions from her library.


Carl J. Rheins
Executive Director, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Miriam Weiner

The books in this collection are part of my personal library that I began more than thirty years ago.  As I collected these books, they became treasures to me because often it was the first time that I had found information or a photograph of some obscure place.  Periodically, I send more cartons of books, maps, brochures, etc. to YIVO
and it is my hope that you will find treasures among this collection.

Many of the books were acquired during my travels to Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania, dating back to my first trip to Poland in 1989.  Since that time, I have developed close relationships with archivists in all five countries and many of the books in this collection include detailed holdings of the archives in these countries.

Beginning in 1990 in Poland, I began organizing both individual and group tours to Eastern Europe (including Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova) and collected numerous travel books, maps, pamphlets and brochures from many villages and towns.

I expect this collection at YIVO to grow substantially in the future and invite you to check back again to see what new treasures are here. 

- Miriam Weiner

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