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A Special Group of Activist Members

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"I want to make Judaism part of my children's fiber. They need to know that Tevye the Dairyman was based on a real person. I want them to see what life was like in simpler times, before electric menorahs. Yes, life was hard, but the holidays were still joyous occasions."
Rita K. Levy, Roslyn, New York

"I was a little girl when I promised my parents that I would never forget. I promised them that Yidishkayt [Jewish culture and tradition] would not end with them. When I said kaddish [memorial prayer] for them 20 years ago, I prayed that I would live a life that would be worthy of the praise and love they bestowed upon me."
Rhona Liptzin, Seaford, New York

YIVO's Leadership Forum members come from diverse backgrounds. Some members are the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Others come from families whose roots in America reach back many generations.

What we all share is a commitment to pass on our Jewish heritage to our children—to our own children and to the children of the Jewish community. Most of us are "baby boomers" and parents. We see ourselves as a "bridge" between our children and the world of their grandparents. We believe that only by understanding the past can we help write a new chapter of Jewish history for tomorrow.

For more information about the Leadership Forum, call or email Ella Levine, Director of Development and External Affairs at (212) 294-6128.

Leadership Forum Members

Cathy W. Zises

Cindy K. Stone

Sandee Brawarsky Caren Constantiner
Burt Feinberg Katja Goldman
Laura Shapiro Kramer Jay Kramer
Rita K. Levy Arnon Mishkin
Susan Oppenheim Charlie Rose
Jane Shapiro Carol A. Stahl
Myra Treitel