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Antisemitism and Judaeophobia: A Critical Analysis of the Development in European Anti-Jewish Sentiment During the Interwar Period
Sep 13 2012

During the four thousand years of Jewish history, hostility to Jews had different popular appeals and took different forms. The last great and tragic change occurred some time around 1870. It was then named Antisemitism, an imprecise and even misleading term. What we may see after that is a new kind of Judaeophobia which is racial, rather than religious, and is often also directed against assimilated (and even converted) Jews.

Professor John Lukacs is a distinguished historian, now retired, and the author of some thirty books, including the acclaimed Five Days in London and, most recently, The Legacy of the Second World War. He is a member of the British Royal Historical Society and a former president of the American Catholic Historical Association, among many other honors.
Antisemitism and Judaeophobia Video