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Otto Frank File

The Otto Frank file contains scans of the original documents that provide important, heretofore unknown, evidence of the efforts of the Frank family to emigrate from Nazi-occupied Holland in 1941.  The file is presented in chronological order and also includes documents from 1945-1946 relating to the whereabouts of the Frank family initiated by the surviving relatives living in the United States.

The Otto Frank file is the property of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.  All rights reserved.  Reporudction or distribution in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without written permission of YIVO.  The personal letters of Otto Frank contained in the file have been redacted to comply with copyright and privacy laws.  Original Otto Frank letters may be viewed in their entirety for research purposes by contacting the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research at 212-246-6080.

More information on the Otto Frank file is available here

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